Communicating our frustrations with those we love can be difficult. In
a bid to avoid conflict and preserve the relationship, we might choose
to avoid addressing issues and when we eventually do, we explode, saying
hurtful things we might be sorry about later. Is there a way to
communicate our feelings honestly, while also preserving our
relationships? Can we address problems with our loved ones with out
“cancelling” them. It’s easy to walk away from strangers, but what about
our parents, siblings, friends and others we value, whose choices hurt
us? Is it possible to have conversations about touchy subjects and
separate the issue from the person? These are the questions you can find
answers to when you take this class.

As your Behavior Coach, I can show you how to apply the Science of
Behavior to improve your relationships. You will learn how to approach
touchy subjects with resolution as the end goal, the strategies you can
use to create win-win situations and what you can do when things don’t
go as planned.

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